Release your limitations and live a richer life.

Join Tamara as she guides you through a team-oriented therapeutic breathwork journey designed to foster access to undiscovered landscapes of the mind and non-ordinary states of consciousness.

You will be paired with a partner and alternate breathing and sitting. Breathers lay down in a comfortable position on a mat wearing an eye mask and engage in a continuous circular breathing exercise traditionally used to foster trance states,¬† while listening to loud rhythmic music. Sitters hold space for their partner’s process.

The benefits of breathwork include the invitation for deep release of mental and physical holding patterns, the privilege to experience an authentic and dynamic group actively healing, and the opportunity to integrate and process in a safe and supportive environment. The privilege of sitting fosters a sensitivity to the needs of others.

Retreat Day Activities:



2 Breathwork Sessions

Creative Expression

Group Sharing

Sauna and Ice Bath

Garden-to-Table Lunch and Dinner

Available Dates:

Historic Nicasio Schoolhouse - $375

Sunday, November 13

Join us in rural West Marin at a historic landmark property to reflect and rejuvenate during a full day of breathwork. Enjoy your meals, sauna and ice bath in the embrace of Tamara’s personal garden.

8:30 am – 8:30 pm

Space is Limited!

More dates coming soon!

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