Join Tamara at her home in Nicasio, CA at the 1871 Historic School House property, for an 8-hour intimate, guided day of healing.

Healing Session

Choose between a 90-minute healing session including acupuncture and apitherapy or a bee product facial.

Garden Meal

Enjoy a home-cooked meal prepared by Tamara with ingredients straight from her garden.

Beebed Session

An opportunity to experience a wondrous connection to the honeybees inside a beebed.

Explore a Hive

Put on a bee suit and get a close-up look into a beehive.

Pollinator Plants

Learn about the pollinator plants which support the honeybee. 

Sauna Session

Experience the longevity practices of increasing circulation through guided sauna and cold plunge rituals.

Honey Tasting

Sample a taste of honey from local beekeepers and Tamara’s garden hives. 

Cob Oven Pizza

Enjoy a freshly-baked treat from Tamara’s hand-built cob oven.

At this time we can accommodate groups no larger than 4 people.

Bee suits will be supplied.

For pricing and reservations, please fill out the form below and we'll be in touch shortly!